Heroes & Sheroes

Heroes and sheroes


I saw a film the other day about a man who stood up for himself

Call me Kushu was the title of the movie and I wept lika a child

David Kato was the leader of the movement and he was killed

It's not a question about legalisation it's a matter of life


This is a song

This is a song

Tis is a song about heroes and sheroes

Heroes and sheroes

Heroes and sheroes

Heroes and sheroes


Jayne and April are a couple they are mothers

They got three fine kids

They wanna joint adopt the children but the law says

These dykes never will

If something should happen to April or Jayne their kids would be taken away

Now this is not a rational act of good, it's just a


This is a song...



Your hands and mouths are disconnected from your hearts

And our hearts bleed as one

Your actions and words are disconnected from your souls

And our souls come as one

Your power and arms are disconnected from the truth, and

You will never beat them

The Davids and the Aprils and the Jaynes

Cause they are one


This is a song...


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