Short Story


Räven International is a power rock quartet from Malmö, in the south of Sweden. The band started in 2013 and have since, written a bunch of songs and produced videos supporting the band's contemporary social message. Although Räven International is a pretty new band, the guys have been playing a long time in different bands. They were all in the heavy rock band The Terribles a few years back.


Vocalist/guitarist Patrik Widerberg, bass player Lars Hallin and drummer Fredrik Linder played together in the heavy folk rock band Bombyces Bryggeri, in the 90:s. Patrik and his guitar playing brother Tobias Widerberg were both in the power pop band Spurgo in the late 90:s/early 00:s. Drummer Fredrik played in the pop band The Mutts, also in the 90:s. Lars has been in numbers of bands, been working as a producer and studio musician.


"Me and my brother grew up listening to british heavy rock and punk rock, so those genres are obvious influences. I know Fredrik is something of a heavy metal blues man. Lars is a fusion man. The one band that we all listened to when we grew up is AC/DC. So you could say Räven Internaional is the missing link between AC/DC, The Clash and King Crimson" says Patrik.


2014 saw the band replacing some of their 25 year old gear, writing new stuff and gigging. One memorable night was when Räven International opened for the old punk heores Stiff Little Fingers at KB in Malmö.


2015 will see the band gigging and hopefully recording an album.


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